Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Kitchen Behind Williams-Sonoma!

The designer behind Williams-Sonoma, Celia Tejada, created a gorgeous dream kitchen for herself, her two sons, and her friends. She planned intensely, thinking of every detail that she wanted in her kitchen, once she made the final plan, her brother made it come to life. My favorite aspect of this kitchen is where there is a stainless steel strip, like the ones used in restaurants for orders. She hangs notes, pictures, and more which ads a unique and personal touch to the kitchen. I love the red in this room, it really makes the kitchen pop. I also enjoy that she calls her kitchen the living room, I completely understand that because in my family the kitchen is a place where family and friends gather and where good times are had. She put an adorable sitting room attached to the kitchen, she also put a vintage movie light in there which I have always wanted! This kitchen is relaxing, personal, and truly gorgeous.

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