Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dripping in High Gloss!

One of my favorite design tools is high gloss paint. Even if you just paint one wall in this high gloss paint it adds such glamour to a room in an instant. One great way to use this paint is on a ceiling, it really makes a room appear taller. My favorite high gloss paint color to use is black, it is so dark and elegant and really adds drama to a room! This paint is certainly a way to make your home stand out and is a sure way to get people talking about your space! So make your home drip in high gloss!!

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  1. Amazing, I love it - vindicated me a little for using high gloss on ceilings as you have as well as a specialty shiny/satin RL paint for hallways and up staricase. However, for staging, told need to repaint without high gloss. Depressed, since if we do not end up moving, stuck with incredibly boring house. Or forced to redo some stuff, if we ultimately stay. everyone is reacting to the imperfections in walls. So faced with re-skimming of walls if go this route on repaint, and want to be able to have it work for selling. Love to hear others feedback on use of high gloss even in neutral colors (whites, pales) on ceiling or for atrium or large staircase walls and reaction by buyers, when selling?