Sunday, May 1, 2011

Working Hard

This weekend is all about finals. I will have my head buried in my books until Tuesday. I get vey stressed when it comes to finals weekend so there are a few things that keep me sane! I love candles, fresh flowers, sleep, calm music, and snacks! I do feel that I could definitely get more studying done if I had a office with a view to study in instead of the library or my small cubicle of  a dorm room. Here are two pictures of offices that I think I would get MUCH more studying done in!

A girl can dream! :)

*Images via google


  1. Good luck on your finals! The first desk overlooking the ocean looks heavenly....

  2. Thank you so much Lucy, I need it! Finance will be the death of me! And I agree the office over looking the beach looks so heavenly and peaceful! Oh how I wish I was there!