Friday, May 20, 2011

Double RL Ranch

The other day I watched an absolutely jaw dropping, fairy tale episode of Oprah. She traveled to breath taking Telluride, Colorado where one of my icons, Ralph Lauren has a 17,000 acre ranch with his gorgeous family. I was so inspired by the life he has created for himself. He is such an amazing man, he has done so much for the fashion industry and is who I picture when I think of American fashion. He started off making ties and now he has a multi-billion dollar empire. He is such a strong business man with such passion, drive, and love. Oprah was so taken back with the beauty of his property and so was I. His land is surrounded by sprawling snow capped mountains, gorgeous trees, galoping horses, a sweet breeze, and a lot of love. He and his wife Ricky fell in love with this land, it is such a spiritual place. Ralph has hand painted teepees which act as guest cottages, they are decorated from top to bottom with such detail and perfection, I could not believe my eyes. Their home is dreamy, filled with woods, western fabrics, warm colors, and looked exactly like a Ralph Lauren ad. Speaking of a Ralph Lauren ad, Oprah got to interview Ralph, his wife Ricky, and their three children. They were all dressed to the nine's in Ralph Lauren and they looked so stunning, rugged, and happy. They all spoke so highly of each other which was truly beautiful to see. Ricky is such a beautiful person and she and Ralph raised wonderful kids. Their daughter created Dylan's Candy, one son is a successful director, and the other is head of marketing for Ralph Lauren. They are all so successful yet so down to earth and so kind and humble. I was so blown away and moved by this fairy tale, it was truly extraordinary. 


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