Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Room Essentials!

There are certain things that I always need in a room! For me, the essentials to any room are:

Flowers: Fresh beautiful flowers bring nature and life into the room
Clean Whites: White is a basic, clean and essential color that is perfect for any room. Start with flowing white linens and other pieces and add color as accents.
Bright Accents: Whether it be bright graphic pillows or colorful lanterns, color brightens the room.
Sparkle: Adding a sequin pillow, a jeweled candle holder, or a chandalier adds glitz and glamour to a room.
Candles: Candles are always a nice touch to any room, they make it comfortable and relaxing.
  • Pieces of Inspiration: Everyone has things that inspire them and you have to surround yourself with those things so that you can see them everyday and feel that creativity bubbling inside of you. I have pictures of the ones I love, a vision statement for the future, and an inspiration board. These things are great reminders of the things i've done and the things I want to do.

*Images via Z Gallerie, Anthropolgie, West Elm, and Google

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