Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Need a Dose of Zoe!

Rachel Zoe is my style icon. She is flawless and always dressed to the nines. Dripping in the finest couture and jewels and she is just F A B U L O U S. Rachel is one talented woman. I hope that a new season of her show comes soon, my life without Zoe is just not the same. P.S. - She was the hottest baby mama I have ever seen! Of course she managed to look smokin' hot while she was pregnant. Decked out in furs, heels, and jewels.

 Welcome baby Skyler Morrison Berman! You are going to be the best dressed baby we have ever seen!

Now some of my favorites of Rachel and BRAD! (Love Him)

 Please look how this woman makes being pregnant look chic!
She rocked five inch heels throughout her pregnancy, b a n a n a s!

(Love How Much She Glows)

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