Monday, August 23, 2010

Ciao, Summer!

As sad as it is to say, we must say farewell to our beloved summertime. Goodbye sweet drinks, sundresses, free time, a good book and sunshine. Hello college, mass amounts of coffee, and libraries.

I will miss....

I'd love to send off summer by providing a recipe involving a great ingredient, St. Germain!

St. Germain, which is elderflower liqeur, is very sweet and adds great flavor to any drink. You can even cook with it! Add to seafood, rice, dessert and more!

This is called the French 77 . All you need is lemon juice, St. Germain liquer & champagne.

1 shot St. Germain liqueur                       

¼ shot fresh-squeezed lemon juice


Pour first two ingredients into a chilled flute.
Top with Champagne & Garnish with a lemon twist.

Drink this with family and friends and toast to the past summer and the wonderful year ahead! ENJOY!

- xoxo Alex

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  1. I love elder flower in Champagne...Slanted Door San Fran!!