Saturday, January 5, 2013

{Currently Coveting: Cote Du Rhone & Florals}

I spent my christmas getaway in Greenwich, Connecticut this year to visit my family. One cold and blistering day, we were strolling down Greenwich Avenue when I stumbled upon a whimsical floral shop that caught my eye. Winston Flowers was the name of this amazing discovery. The store was filled with unique arrangements of every beautiful flower you could imagine. 

There was a smell wafting through the air of currants and mulberry that was intoxicating. Come to find out that this smell was not a result of the breath taking floral arrangements that surrounded me but the scent of an Archipelago soy candle named Cote Du Rhone. I highly recommend purchasing this candle, you won't regret it! Candle found here.

If you can't visit this store in person I recommend visiting their website: Winston Flowers

Their floral arrangements and gorgeous gourmet boxes are perfect gifts.

  P.S. - Their salted caramels are slightly addictive and overly delicious.

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