Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Weekend!

Hi everyone!!

Ciao from Firenze! 

My cousin and I have been enjoying Italy so much!! The one part that is bad is all of the rain! It rained the entire first week we have been here, which makes it difficult to walk the thirty minutes to class every morning in the rain, but the beauty of Florence makes it all worth it and now there are sunny skies! We wake up every morning and go around the corner to our favorite bakery and get a delectable pastry, breakfast sandwhich, and a cappuccino, couldn't be any better! We then walk 20 minutes on the ancient cobblestones, past the towering and historic Duomo, and down the street to our school which is absolutely gorgeous. It has black and white checkered and weathered floors with large windows and is filled with light. It is a gorgeous place to learn italian! We then go and get lost trying to find delicious restaurants on small secluded ally ways. My diet consists of pasta, pizza, cappuccinos, pastries, and gelato!! Who could go wrong with that? The food is amazing the people are amazing and the beauty is absolutely enthralling. I love every minute. After lunch we walk around the city, taking in all that Florence has to offer. Later we meander back to our apartment, over the river, and into our quiet and quaint neighborhood. We turn the key of the ancient lock, walk up the five flights of stairs, swing open our aged wood door and dance into our beautiful apartment. It is filled with light, flying in from every angle of our huge windows over looking the orange and red rooftops. I love it here, I really do. Now it is the weekend, I wonder what adventures I will stumble upon.

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