Friday, February 4, 2011

Ombre Hair!

Ombre hair is an easy to achieve hair style which is all the rage in Hollywood these days, and I absolutely love it. It is probably the easiest hair do in the world, it is just a gradual change in color. The top of the hair is dark and from the ear down it is a lighter color. It almost looks as if your roots are grown out but it is a laid back, sexy hair style. I would love to do this! Rachel Bilson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung, Drew Barrymore and more have ombre hair! Don't be afraid to try it out! There are some great Ombre how-to's on You Tube!

*Images via google


  1. I have ombre hair by accident...because I used to highlight and now I don't. I wasn't crazy about it until I saw all of these beautiful women. And now I see a new beauty in my hair. Thank you :)

  2. Aw I am so glad that you could find a new beauty in your hair! People are paying lots of money to have hair like yours :) You are lucky!