Thursday, December 16, 2010

Extraordinary Bathrooms!

Your bathroom should be a place of serenity, a place of peace and relaxation. It should be a place that you retreat to after a long day. There are so many different design directions to go toward for a bathroom whether it be contemporary, rustic, modern, or luxurious, don't be afraid to even mix elements from each type of design. Tile is an element that can turn a bathroom from plain to breath taking. One piece that I absolutely love in a bathroom is a chandelier, I think it ads a luxurious touch and a bit of warmth and peace to a space like this. There are so many ways to make your bathroom your retreat, so here are some pictures to get your creative juices flowing!

*Images via HGTV


  1. All of these are so different, but all so gorgeous. Although, I can't help but wonder about the bicycle in the fifth bathroom ?!?! :)

  2. I know! It's amazing how many different ways you can decorate a bathroom! And yes, I have to agree with you about the bicycle?? Very odd!

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