Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Your Creative Work Place!

Your office or desk area is a place where you should feel creative and comfortable. Whether it is my dorm desk or my desk at home, I try to add pieces to my desk that make me happy and pieces that give me inspiration. I always have to have a delicious, fragrant candle, beautiful photography, colorful glass vases, and a few other little touches that truly make it my creative work place. Here are a few pictures of my dorm work space and also I have added some of my favorite work spaces I have seen that truly excite me.

I made this boring dorm desk a place where I can feel inspired and a  place where I yearn to create beautiful things....

I keep this personal vision statement of who I want to be on my bulletin board to inspire me everyday....

This is my inspiration board that is next to my desk. It is filled with fashion, amazing interiors, gorgeous Italy, and pictures of my friends and family...

Here are some work spaces that I have been admiring that have truly inspired me for when I have my own home!!

 *Images via House Beautiful, Google, & Me

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